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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top ten Derrick Rose highlights

10. @ Philadelphia

9. @ Dallas (preseason)

8. Vs. Minnesota

7. @ Dallas (preseason)

6. Vs. Dallas

5. @ Philadelphia

4. Vs. Kansas (While at Memphis)

3. Vs. Minnesota

2. Vs. Phoenix

1. @ Philadelphia


Scott Phillips said...

This list is not complete without some of the following videos

Anonymous said...

isnt all this a bit premature ... the season isnt even at the halfway point

L Tres said...

Pretty cool list right there guys. Been following your site for a while.

Havent seen anything on maybe the top ten worst draft picks by the bulls. We've been talking about the worst 2 in recent memory over at: http://tradejoakimnoahandtyrusthomasrightnow.blogspot.com/

Good stuff guys keep it up