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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten good, bad and Burish moments from the weekend

Lets break down this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend by the most obvious and overused way: The Good. The Bad. And The Burish.


4. Illini find a way for tourney title
; I am very confused

So the Illini basketball team went to a small island in Texas to play mediocre teams and sneaked by them. I still can’t see the Illini competing for the Big Ten this year, but starting 6-0 may give them a leg up in an at large bid for the tourney. Maybe.

3. Bulls rally in finale; don’t totally suck

2. This move by Rose

1. Stacey King’s reaction to above video

I have always said that King has the vernacular of a drug dealer. I think that is still apparent, however I now kind of like him. He seemed like a kid in a candy store when Rose crossed over Miller and was legitimately excited by it. Maybe it is because he is still relatively new to broadcasting and doesn’t have that “I have seen it all”-ness about him yet that makes me hate 90% of all broadcasters. Whatever it is, I am now a King fan. A piece of me just died.


4. BLACKHAWKS: Offense finishes road trip off-course; yes, Chicago still has hockey team

So the Hawks went 6-3-3 in November, but finished off the circus trip with a 0-2-1 record in their last three games. It seems that they just tired towards the end of the circus trip and will enjoy three out of their four next games at home. Look for the Hawks to rebound a bit now that they are back home.

3. Cubs face dilemma on arbitration front; Hendry: why won’t Wood just “go away”

So, the Cubs have a very interesting decision to make by 11 PM tonight -- offer Wood arbitration and risk him agreeing to it (probably about 10MM) OR don't and lose two compensation picks. Wood has made it very clear he wants to play for the Cubs for the rest of his career and it is likely he would take the one year arbitration deal. If the Cubs do offer it and he does, Chicago would lose the money intended for a left handed power bat. Tough call, I guess.

2. Let the Irish dissection begin; large amounts of “cheese” and “various meats” found in Weis’ abdomen

1. Gutsy call to Berrian planted 'a dagger' in Bears' chest
; Bear gets up, looks on dubiously and then dies

Purple Jesus is awesome and the Vikes finally looked like the team everyone thought they would be at the beginning of the season. I guess we finally know who the Bears are -- a team that can't beat good teams, but is still not terrible. The game was just lame. I rather not talk about it anymore.


2. We finally learned who is the biggest prankster on the Hawks.... Hint: it's not P-Kane

1. How about a quick Burish fight from a couple weeks ago…


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Umm that was three really shitty lists thrown into one.