Monday, January 26, 2009

Top Ten's Top Ten

Top Ten Chicago Sports celebrated our one-year anniversary a week ago Friday and we celebrated by having one of our "Original Six" quit. But we felt that we had better commemorate our hard work and the time you took out of your day to check out what was going on. So below is our "Top Ten Top Ten," the ten greatest posts our site produced in its first year.

10. Top Ten athletes we'd like to party with

Captain Matt debuted with a bang. One of our first posts that will surely have to be modified now to make room for Pat Kane, but Olsen set the tone from the get-go.

9. Top Ten fat guys

We saw this reposted recently, and it would be hard to argue against any of these guys.

8. Top Ten John Daly quotes

Former TTCSer Scott Phillips posted this shortly after another run-in Daly had with authority, and numerically, this post was viewed by more people than any post. Roughly 25,000 people ventured onto the site to see and hear the "Best of John Daly."

7. Top ten reasons to care more about your Madden dynasty than your homework

Nobody likes doing homework and Ricky gave me a reason to play video games instead of focusing on studies.

6. Top Ten Chicago fights we want to see

Danny S. did a great job filling in and has earned a weekly spot because of posts like this.

5. Top Ten reasons soccer won't succeed in America

One of the more controversial lists and who would have thought it would have thought it would have been something regarding soccer. The world's greatest soccer blog, Unprofessional Foul, strongly disagreed with what was written, and they did not take too kindly to my ideas.

4. Top Ten Chicago accessories

My personal favorite, this post has a little bit of everything.

3. Top Ten replacements for Jay Mariotti

This Ricky O'Donnell's prized article. When asked what posts we should put on this list, Ricky said "Can you put the Mariotti one on there? I poured my heart and soul in that one."

2. Top Ten Chicago draft busts

This is where it all began, our first post (and Phillip's favorite). The first, and only time the six of us actually sat down, put our heads together and collaborated. It's been downhill from there.

1. Top Ten "Major League" quotes

While the only thing related to Chicago sports to go along with the list was Jack Parkman, overall this post was a wild success. Seen by thousands of people who had a lot of great comments, this list tops our first-year posts.

Thank you for continuing to tune into TTCS, we hope to be able to keep doing this at least long enough to have a second list like this.


Rick said...

haha, hey barnes remind me to give you the stone cold stunner next time i see you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great year of Top Tens

Nick said...

Enjoyed this year of Top Ten's.
Blog touched all bases of sports. Keep up the good work.

Maggie said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary. I like the baseball top tens the most, especially when it is about the White Sox!

Eli said...

Nice list Phil, I couldn't agree more on the soccer one

ü75 said...

Funny, Eli, because we still disagree.

Congrats to the site for a (mostly *wink*) solid year.