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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top ten Chicago sports championship moments

All the Super Bowl hype got us thinking of happier days. Here are the 10 best Chicago sports championship moments.

10. 1992 NBA Finals: The Shrug

9. 2005 World Series: Geoff Blum Game 3 homer
(Why aren't these World Series highlights on YouTube? Step your game up, MLB)

8. 1997 NBA Finals: The Flu Game

7. 2005 World Series: Scott Podsednik Game 2 walkoff homer

6. 1991 NBA Finals: MJ switches hands

5. 2005 World Series: Konerko's grand slam

4. Super Bowl XLI: Hester takes it TO THE HOUSE

3. 1998 NBA Finals: MJ's final shot in a Bulls uniform

1-2. Super Bowl XX Bears highlights
* Lets be honest: the 1985 Bears are so renown, they deserve two spots.


Anonymous said...

How can you put the greatest athlete of all-time's final shot #3 on your list. Devin Hester #6? they didn't even win the game.

Anonymous said...

this is a poorly put together and not well thought out list. why would you put the "flu game" only number 8, behind stuff like Hester's TD that came in a loss and Konerko's grand slam that didn't even end up being the deciding difference in that game? that "flu game" by Jordan might have been one of the greatest individual performances in sports history. and how is Jordan's final shot not number one?

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think you forgot about John Paxson's three-pointer vs. Phoenix

Anonymous said...

what about when...who gives a shit, you guys suck.

Anonymous said...

I still cant believe Walter didn't score in the superbowl. Looking at this video they had so many chances to give him the ball within the ten yrd line.

a.bens123 said...
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Anonymous said...

why the does that one guy keep complaining about these. if you dont like them...why do you read them. get a life. please... i think these are great ttcs!

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