Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten Chicago sports' womanizers

There is no real reason or purpose for this list, but I feel like there are plenty of Chicago athletes who's names could fall under this category.

10. Koskue Fukudome
I don't know what the percentage of Japanese in Chicago is, but there is no way that the cities wealthiest Asian isn't finding something new on a daily basis.

9. Zach Martin

Now former TTCS ladies man has remotely recently found a girlfriend (right?), but just one conversation with the man and I am sure you will find his traits deem himself more than worthy of a spot. Check out his new site, which debuts sometime in the next few weeks.

8. Tyrus Thomas
He impresses young ladies by taking them to his private gym and dunking over them. It gets 'em every time.

7. Brian Anderson
Just one look at the guy and he'll even bring the Southern California out of most women.

6. Brian Urlacher

Urlacher threatened to hold out earlier this season because he needed that cash to pay child support.

5. Pat Kane
You heard it on this site first, Pat Kane loves to party. It is only a matter of time before the 20-year-old starts to get interested in girls. Then he'll be winning their heart one jaegerbomb at a time.

4. Kyle Orton

A picture is worth a thousand words. If I am not mistaken that is Aaron Rowand next to him. Would he have made the list in 2005?

3. Greg Olsen
(Mom do NOT go to that link and listen to what is said.)

2. Derrick Rose

The Englewood heartthrob could get any teen in the city. While he has a girlfriend, it doesn't stop girls from taking their stab at him. Girls, Derrick and I are Facebook friends, I read that wall of his.

1. Alfonso Soriano

Deadspin found a fun fact about Soriano a few months ago. Let's just say their piece is titled "Getting to know Alfonso Soriano's alleged road beef," which is interesting considering he has a wife and kids back in the Dominican. Interesting.


Pepster said...

I love the 7th Floor Crew reference. Superb!

Anonymous said...

You have quite a talent for thinking up topics week after week :)

Meg said...

I thought Urlacher played defense. He is definitely making an "offensive" move in the picture.