Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special segment: Athlete Look-Alike

I went to the Art Institute yesterday and as much as I try to appreciate art, I could not help but laugh when I saw this again. So here is a post I did last January about the last time I went to the nation's finest collection of art.

While wandering the Art Institute today, I came across a piece of art that I felt resembled that of one of Chicago's finest athletes. Asking my Kalamazoo-native girlfriend who is "trying" to learn things about sports who that picture looked like, she responded immediately to the answer I was hoping for. Below is the image.

This is a portrait of Alfred Sisley, done by Renior. If that is what Sisley looks like with a paint brush, how can one help but feel that he has a striking resemblance to......

That's right folks, my favorite Bear, Mr. Disgrace himself, Kyle Orton. So from now on, when you watch Kyle take the ball from center, throw a wounded duck to Adrian Peterson in the backfield and you say, "Wow that's no work of art," I'm going to have to completely disagree, because that's exactly what Kyle Orton is.