Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Ten Sporting Events Until the NFL Season Begins

With the NFL season now officially at its end, fans are now in sports purgatory.

Sundays lose all meaning and now the projects around the house that had been put off since September are calling your name.

What to do?

To help you through these troubled times, here are the Top Ten Sporting Events Until the NFL Season Begins.

10. Wimbledon
June 22 - July 5

Granted, I chose to include Wimbledon for the sole purpose of displaying the Ana Ivanovic picture above.

But Wimbledon is the grand daddy of all tennis tournaments and the passing of the torch between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may be complete when it's all said and done.

That is, if it hasn't already.

9. The Masters
April 10 - 13

Of the four major golf tournaments each year, the Masters truly stands alone.

Even more so in 2009 because it should be the first major Tiger Woods participates in since his infamous victory at Torrey Pines in the 2008 U.S. Open. All eyes will be on the man who single-handedly allows golf to remain one of the top sports in the world.

I wonder what dramatics he's got in store for us this time around.

8. NBA Draft
June 25

Another night of entertainment at the Garden, where Knicks fans will undoubtedly boo their team's pick until the lights go out.

Stephen A. Smith will be screaming for some Cheese Doodles and we'll hear constant references to wingspan, basketball IQ, tremendous upside potential and any other basketball cliche you could possibly imagine.

It doesn't get any better than this.

7. NFL Draft
April 25 - 26

As we speak, Mel Kiper Jr. and his freakishly helmet head of hair are poring over game film, stats, interviews and who knows what else in preparation for the 2009 NFL Draft.

Who's going number one? Who's going to be the last to leave the green room?

All I know is that 98% of fans will be disappointed with who their team selects.

6. Kentucky Derby
May 2

Buy yourself the most absurd hat you can possibly find and hit up the ATM before heading over to the Derby party you'll be attending this year. Bets will be flying and you'll probably find yourself rooting for a one eyed horse that can barely make it out of the gate.

It's amazing what money can make men do.

5. Daytona 500
February 19

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

While NASCAR doesn't get the love some feel it deserves around here at TTCS, it would be a mistake to not include the sport's biggest event. It's first up on our schedule here, so luckily you won't have to wait too long.

But is there any other sport (???) on the planet that starts its season with their version of the Super Bowl?

4. NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
For those of you in Chicago, get ready to see the Blackhawks make their triumphant return to the postseason.

Playoff hockey is dynamite television and even the most casual NHL fan should tune in as often as possible.

3. NBA Finals
June 4 - 18

The way things are looking, the Lakers will probably have to square off against the Spurs to get to the Finals and the Cavs and Celtics will duel it out in the East.

Personally, I'm rooting for a Cavs - Lakers matchup pitting Kobe against 'Bron.

Kobe drops 63 out in the land of the stars and King James follows up with an unthinkable triple-double of 52 points, 19 rebounds, 13 assists in Cleveland.

Is that something you might be interested in?

2. Opening Day
April 6

The boys of summer finally start their marathon of a season and ESPN kicks into full blown East Coast bias for the next six months.

All I know is that Opening Day signifies that Summer is on its way and it's time to dust of the bags set (cornhole for you weirdos), fire up the grill, kick back with some cold ones and turn on the White Sox game.

This, my friends, is what I live for.

1. NCAA Tournament
March 17 - April 6

By far the most important event on this list.

Amateur bracketologists across the country will be wasting their company's money by obsessing over their brackets on the internet.

This year should be especially entertaining because there's been so much turnover atop the Top 25. Could this be the year that Cinderella finally takes it down?

Probably not, but as long as the Tar Heels are out well before the Final Four I'll be a happy camper.

Honorable Mentions: NBA All-Star festivities - February 15
MLB All Star festivities - July 14


GM-Carson said...

Personally I'd rank Opening Day for baseball #1.

Pepster said...

What - No Tour De France?!!!
(Please note sarcasm).

hbssports said...

Uh, SI Swimsuit Issue...