Friday, February 27, 2009

Rest In Peace to two Bulls legends

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On Thursday February 26, 2009, the Chicago Bulls and their fans lost two of the all-time greats, Johnny ‘Red’ Kerr and ‘Stormin’ Norman Van Lier. Each made a great impact to the Bulls, Kerr as the team’s first head coach and Van Lier as a tough point guard in the 1970’s.

Then, during the Bulls glory days of the 1990’s, each made an impact as broadcasters. Kerr was the color commentator who cheered along with the fans, screaming in awe when Michael Jordan hit the shot over Craig Ehlo to advance the Bulls past the Cavaliers. Van Lier was the studio analyst who was always tough but fair with his opinions of the team, constantly telling the young players to give effort for all 48 minutes.

Each will be greatly missed, and the entire TTCS staff sends our condolences to the Kerr and Van Lier families, as well to Bulls fans everywhere. We invite you to post your favorite memories of each legend in the comments section.

RIP to Norm and Red.

Norm Van Lier

Johnny 'Red' Kerr


Anonymous said...

As a longtime Bulls fan, losing Red and Norm on the same day is tough. Those two always made watching the team more fun, both in the great moments and the rough ones. Both will be greatly missed.

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